About Us

Age of Empire is more than just a name; it is our promise and commitment that has been our secret to success. As a progressing construction company with years of experience located in South Florida serving both commercial and residential market, Age of Empire quickly grew by earning a reputation as a “results-oriented” construction builder, thus gaining the trust of many midsize and large corporations. This was to become the catalyst of Age of Empire’s migration from a local Miami, Florida construction company to a state wide construction company. Today we are a construction company that provides outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers and enjoy the unique status as being the fastest growing privately owned Construction firm in South Florida.  

Age of Empire has established its reputation based on a timely and accurately execution of the assigned contracts. Our growth has been consistent over the many years.  We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. Age of Empire has an exceptional reputation for customer satisfaction and code compliant. Our corporate officers are highly visible to both clients and staff. Our solid managerial competence is the main reason for our exceptional list of satisfied and repeat customers.  

Age of Empire has long-standing commitments and a comprehensive experience base and focus on delivering proven solutions that ensure our customers’ goal is achieved, at low cost. Our proven history translates into streamlined communication and operational processed, faster response time, and the ability to operate as an integrated team along with city officers and code inspectors.

Age of Empire our mission is to provide construction quality and service excellence tailored to your specific needs. We provide reliable performance and competitive bids with great attention to timing and the accurate execution of the assigned contracts.